João Baptista

Master of Science in Computer Science with specialization in computer graphics and rendering. Passionate for video games, retro hardware – involved in the Game Boy Advance community –, algorithms and mathematics.

About me


Born in Brazil in 1997, I am, since my early teenage years, interested in the world of programming, computer science and game development, which became larger as I kept studying. I have experience with C++ and C#, having worked on projects that make extensive use of them, and also moderate skill in Python and Java. My fields of interest are computer graphics, video game development, development of tools and game engines, computational geometry, historic hardware and retroconsoles, and algorithms. I have also been to algorithmic programming contests, such as the placement contests for the ICPC.

Besides, I also have a strong interest in advanced mathematics and competitions. I have been twice to the International Mathematics Competition of University Students and I have studied a bit of analysis, number theory, combinatorics and geometry (part of it to help in my game programming codes). I also prefer problems that require more creativity than technicality, and I like to teach others mathematics (even though I am not graduating a teacher).

Music is another of my great passions. I know how to play the alto saxophone and the bass guitar, having been to a marching band during my high school years. I am very interested in music theory and composition, especially its application to video games.



You can send me an email or reach me through LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter or Telegram.